Feasibility and Conceptual Design
Well Detail and Drilling Specifications
Drilling and Plant Installation Oversight
Central Plant Chilled / Hot Water Design
Heat Pump Loop Design
Hybrid systems (Geo/Tower/Boiler)
Energy Use and Cost Comparison  Analysis
Geo-exchange Plant Systems Integrator 
Back-up Heating Systems Design
Geo-Exchange is a reliable and proven technology utilizing the Earth’s renewable energy to provide efficient heating and cooling.  During heating, the process draws heat from the ground and transfers it to the space being heated.  Likewise, in cooling it extracts heat from the space being cooled and rejects it to the ground.  By employing the design of different types of wells and boreholes, the transferred heat provides the engine for an efficient and easily maintained physical plant.

Due to the nature of its effectiveness, the geo-exchange process has earned the endorsements of the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Whether acting as the facility mechanical designer or as a specific geo-exchange consultant to the design team, ICDS can provide all the necessary components to ensure a successful geo-exchange installation (including but not limited to):
Aldermere Farm
Kasanof Bakery
The Meadows
Moran Shipping
Stillwater Mills
Belmont Residence
Chatfield Residence
Mitchell Residence
Project Place
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